The idea

Experiences from numerous projects and installations, the feedback from customers and also the suggestions from international sound engineers have led us to this one idea: a top drawer loudspeaker. A loudspeaker which inspires the user and heralds a new generation of large PA systems at ProAudio Technology.

The concept

Already the successfully launched VT16 and VT20 line array systems have impressively demonstrated how we at ProAudio Technology combine a unique sound, flexible handling and uncompromising quality in our products. The new K1XT TM is the next logical evolutionary step. It’s the perfect symbiosis of sound and performance. And all this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio! This is how we define the champions league in the large-scale sound systems business.


K1XT TM is more than an innovative and highly efficient PA loudspeaker for major events. K1XT TM sets new benchmarks in performance and delivers maximum results. Our motto: built-in directness. Owing to innovative technologies, you are now in control of the sound energy anytime with an unprecedented phase linearity and transient behaviour. You define the directivity angle and coverange in the bass range using four separate channels and an almost unbelievable driving power!


The new K1XT TM has been designed with an optimum cost-benefit balance in mind: compared to conventional large-size PA systems, your expenditure for initial puchase, rigging up and down and also logistics will be lower by more than 50 %! For instance, up to four K1XT TM can be wired to a 20.4-DSP amplifier using only one 8-pole CA-COM cable. 24 K1XT TM will require only 6 x 20.4-DSP amps on a single 32A / 400V power connector. And all this with 5 years of warranty, made in Germany and contact persons in Germany and Switzerland who live for their products.


No more compromises! Because we know: big sound needs a big volume. The K1XT TM is 148 cm (58.3 in.) wide and definitely a line array for smart guys. It’s the means of choice for sound engineers looking for the ultimate performance. With a maximum power handling capacity of 6,200 watts AES and a frequency range above 30 Hz, the K1XT TM exceeds all dimensions – due to components and drivers beyond compare. Those are genuine values that speak for themselves in a clearly audible manner.

"Our promise - the K1XT TM purity law: uncompromising innovation, ample experience and our unlimited willingness to break barriers."

Mechanical perfection meets with acoustic precision

The flying equipment of the K1XT TM has been constructed to military standards using marine-grade metal: built for eternity! Thus arrays with up to 28 K1XT TM can be easily realised. So you can build a high-carat line array which couples perfectly above 30 Hz and delivers a phase-linear radiation on a front area of 20 m² (215 sqft.) and a length of 13 metres (42.7 ft.).

A new dimension of sound

Listen to the new K1XT TM and discover the unique sound of a major professional PA system. The combination of sound, performance and rentability is going to convince you.

The search for affordable first-class sound in the premier division of the big PA business is finally over. To convince yourself, drop us a line through the contact form and we’ll get back to you.
And if you want to learn more about ProAudio Technology and our products, we strongly suggest you visit our homepage.